Rocky Mountain Pies

Each fall, as the leaves turn, the air chills, and the holidays near, one tradition to look forward to is holiday pies from Winder Farms. Every holiday season, we proudly offer traditional Pumpkin and Apple pies as well a selection of delicious specialty pies, that are freshly made right here in Salt Lake City, UT. We pride ourselves in offering pies that have an authentic, homemade look and taste — just like grandma used to make. To provide pies of this standard, we've partnered with one of the largest pie companies in the West, Rocky Mountain Pies, and we couldn't be more proud to be in business with such a great company.

Rocky Mountain Pies has been in business since the 1970s, pioneering bakery shops in the Western United States. Since then, they've grown to be one of the largest pie companies in the United States. Rocky Mountain Pies takes pride in every detail of the pie manufacturing process. The pastry dough is carefully mixed for the perfect crust, the fruit filling is delicately blended, and meringue is hand-peaked. While the technology in the baking industry has changed over the years, Rocky Mountain Pies still maintains many old-fashioned methods of pie baking; methods such as hand-woven lattice pastry tops, hand-poured fillings, and other old-fashioned techniques that provide superior taste and quality. At Winder Farms, we pride ourselves in delivering great-tasting products, and with a partner like Rocky Mountain Pies, we do just that.