Chocolate Milk

It's three o'clock and the kids will soon be home from school; wouldn't it be great if there was a snack you could give them that tastes great and helps support growing bodies? Winder Farms Chocolate Milk does just that! Since we first started delivering Chocolate Milk back in early 1950s, it's been a family favorite for its rich, chocolate taste and nutritional benefits. Made without high fructose corn syrup and packed full of Calcium and Vitamins A and D, you can feel comfortable knowing that our Chocolate Milk is a great, natural snack that the whole family will love!

Though we've long considered our Chocolate Milk to be the very best, it became official not too long ago. In 2012, we sent our Chocolate Milk to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin to be judged against some of the biggest dairies in the world, and we ended up winning first place for the best Chocolate Milk! We were so honored to win, but even more proud to bring it fresh to your doorstep each week!

Our award-winning Chocolate Milk can be found in many shapes and sizes, so rest assured knowing that some will always be within arms-reach! Available in everything from an 8oz plastic bottle to a half gallon bottle, our Chocolate Milk even dresses up for Halloween! Chocolate Milk is one of our favorite products, and we're sure it will be one of yours, too!